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Good news! The Underhill Society of America, via President Jay Tucker, has purchased a very rare photo of Wilbur Underhill, the infamous outlaw of the 1930s, from eBay. It was an interesting prison photo of him sitting on a chair surrounded by fern plants, taken in 1924, and it was sent to his sister Mrs. Grace Baine.
The photo has been forwarded to the Underhill Society Archivist who will scan and post a clean, high-res digitized photo at the Underhill Online Catalog.
The photo is now in the Out & About section.
Museum Displays
The painting above was originally presented to our board of directors by N. Robert Underhill at the 2001 meeting depicted on the home page of this website. Robert commissioned an artist at his expense to produce a representation of Captain John Underhill that he envisioned would show his true demeanor as a soldier with a commanding nature. As such, Robert requested that the painting's nameplate should read as below:
THE FIRST MUSTER — An artist’s depiction of Captain John Underhill
calling the first muster of the Militia on the Commons at
Salem, MA on December l3, 1636.
This was after it was found that the previous painting of the Captain was actually identified as Anthony Van Dyck's portrait of Viscount Stafford, now in the Museum of Art of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The complete story of this finding is in our Archives & Libraries / Not Capt. John Underhill selection.
Museum Display Cabinet: Outside view
Museum Display Cabinet: Inside view
Museum display of swords, books and pictures
Underhill Edge Co. axes
Underhill Edge Co. axes
Underhill Edge Co. axes
Underhill Edge Co. axes
Underhill Edge Co. axes
Underhill Edge Co. axes
Document stating portrait of Capt. John Underhill is not him.
Proof that the picture at right is not Captain John Underhill, but of Van Dyke’s Viscount of Stafford. For a complete dialog of this discovery click here.
For a detailed explanation go here.
Van Dyke’s Viscount Stafford Portrait
A picture and handwritten note about Mary Raymond Underhill
The framed portrait of Mary Raymond Underhill