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Index of Bulletins: Published By The Underhill Society of America - Compiled by Archivist Philip Blocklyn *** The following table of contents to Bulletin issues, beginning in 1954, cites signed articles, unsigned articles longer than a single page, and selected shorter features, such as profiles, marriages, obituaries, books of interest, and the like. Coverage of annual meetings is excluded, as are messages from editors and officers, although Myron C. Taylor’s messages to members from the first two Bulletin issues do appear.
Table of Contents: The Bowne House: Long Island History in Microcosm by Charlotte Jackson - Samuel Underhill, Grandson of Captain John Underhill, and his Descendants (Excerpted from the article by Harry Macy, Jr. from the November 1973 Bulletin) by Harry Macy, Jr.
Table of Contents: Ruth M. Underhill, 1883-1984 by Steve Russell Boerner - The Transcription and Indexing of the Samuel Townsend Account Book for the Period 1774-1781 by Steve Russell Boerner and Frank Sorrentino
Table of Contents: The Great-Grandfather and Grandfather of Captain John Underhill: Excerpts from John H. Morrison’s Underhills of Warwickshire Introduction by Harry Macy, Jr. - The Underhills of Warwickshire, Chapter II, pages 62–73, and Chapter III, pages 79–84 by John H. Morrison
Subjects include Andrew Mitchell Underhill, USS Underhill DE 682, Sarah Field Underhill, and some Underhill obituaries
Provided by Archivist Steve Boerner
Provided by Assistant Genealogist Susan McMahon